Monday, January 12, 2015

Just doin' me duty

Just doin’ me duty
That’s why I'm ‘ere
No fighter me -
Blood makes me feel queer.

Saw my mate’s ‘and
Fly through the air.
Where did ‘is foot go?
Somewhere over there.

If I could I’d run
But I’m fast losin’ blood
And my heavy ol’ gun
Got lost in the mud.

So they’re sending me
To some prison camp
But maybe it’ll be
Somewhere less damp

And here we all stand.
Gerry’s shoutin’ at us.
We don’t understand,
But daren’t make a fuss

Just doin’ me duty,
That’s why I'm ‘ere.
I’d rather play footie -
And lose fair ‘n square.

I wrote this straight off the cuff to inspire my son who had some homework about World War 1.

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