Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't miss Johnnie Walker 9pm Saturdays

A great idea - Johnnie Walker takes to the pirate airwaves again in this well-produced and realistic two hour delight. With jingles and extracts from his amazing library of recordings and snippets of information it sounds like the real thing and you just know he's enjoying himself.

I loved the 'breaking news' that a new station was to be launched with DJ Simon Dee in 1964, named after John F Kennedy's daughter, followed, of course, by The Fortunes' track which he suggested might be a suitable theme song for the new station.

All the news and excerpts are from the period and it makes listening to the radio fun again.

Previous week's show available on BBC's iPlayer and if you get hold of Total Recorder you can record it too for a few quid.

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