Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kenny Everett's first show on the beeb

A treat for jingle fans today as BBC Radio 2 replays The Kenny Everett Show from 11 to 1 today. Who else could get away with starting their very first BBC show with the word "oops" after a Capital Radio plug?!

All the original tracks, competitions, observations of those tiny things that people miss (like all the bums in a Four Tops record), comparison of old and new versions and odd timechecks are there and remind you of just how knowledgeable and brilliant he was.

If you missed it the Listen Again feature available on the Radio 2 site will give you another chance. Record it and you'll be able to cheer yourself up at any time. Total Recorder will do the job simply - not free now but the tiny licence fee is well worth paying.

The Kenny Everett Show was first broadcast on Radio 2 in 1981 and it is good to see its inclusion in the 40th anniversary fayre despite being 27. Lots more during the day too. The Oldies Project have stopped the Fab 40 shows but are still streaming tracks from the shows of 40 years ago on Radio London, Big L, and will be running new chart shows again in 2008.

This is their new Sunday programme:
11 AM (UK) - Back from a watery grave Two hours of songs from the Radio London playlist that did not chart on the Fab 40.
01 PM (UK) - 40 years ago
Two hours of new UK releases and hits from exactly that week, 40 years ago
Check The Playlist for both shows.

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