Saturday, August 06, 2005

Shed in desperate need of manly attention!

The tenousness of some shed links appears to be bothering some so here's something abolutely pertinent, right and yet disastrously wrong. This shed clearly lacks a man's touch. I mean , where are the pots of screws, the nails to hang things on, the spare bits of wood, the paint brushes? Coloured plastic of virtually any sort should be banned from gardens throughout England anyway in my view so I suppose putting them in a shed has some merit.

But still . . . something has to be done about this.


Baron MFI Roofingfeldt III said...

Guttentag, Englander Tommy Blogger.

What has happened to your hair in ze picture? Or is it a bit of judicious "digital enhancement"? I feel ve should be told, Britisher Svine!

Yours, vith a foreign accent,

Baron Fritz Von Roofingfeldt,
Deutchland's Premier Shed Fancier,
Larchlapp uber Creosote,

Andrew said...

Quite right, Baron. You should be told. In a desperate attempt to remove a silly hat things didn't quite work out as intended! Have now replaced the 'yours truly' with a hat which'll have to do until I can find another. The bloke next door might have something I can use.